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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #15

Happy Saturday!

As you read this, I’ll be winging my way home after spending a couple of days in California at Google Headquarters for a blogging conference. I learned quite a bit, not the least of which was that -contrary to how I imagined it- Google Headquarters does not actually pipe The Imperial March through their sound system. Shocking I know. They actually play the Isengard Theme Music. Kidding. Mostly.

Did you know you can calibrate your own oven at home? No really! Check this video!


  • Ssamjang {Korean Spicy Dipping Sauce} This fabulously savoury and spicy Korean sauce is a traditional condiment for lettuce wraps with grilled meats, a bit of kimchi, and some other banchan. It is also served as a dip for peppers. Don’t stop there, though, because it is amazing spread on a toasted bun for a burger, served with grilled portobello mushrooms, and as a dip for French fries. If you’re a fan of Korean food, you need to whip this up. If you’re not, you might be after trying Ssamjang!


These earbuds save my sanity. It might not be obvious, but I’m a confirmed introvert. I plug these little beauties into my ears as soon as I’m through the TSA checkpoints, start up the music, and the charge lasts for a full day of flying and beyond. I had it last two full days of flying for me and then charged it simply because I thought of it. I’m fairly certain they could have lasted longer had I tested them on it. The sound quality is excellent and they’re cordless, which means this mega-klutz won’t get her arm hooked in the cord and yank her phone out of her purse/pocket/hand and slow down the boarding or deplaning process for everyone else eager to get on or off of the plane. Plus, they’re kind of pretty. This is winning across the board!


The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. This one is an excellent read, if a little tough. It isn’t hard to read, but it is difficult to put yourself in the protagonist’s place because of what he is forced to make peace with because of the culture in which he lives. It is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel about the life of a young man in North Korea who becomes a professional kidnapper and has to cope with the baffling, ever-changing, and capricious rules of those in authority over him. Interwoven in it is a love-story and tremendous insights into the human heart and what it can endure. I highly recommend this book!


Do you love chatting with people when you travel or do you prefer to observe quietly?



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