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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #11

Happy Saturday, my friends! As you read this, I am spending the weekend with a colleague who just so happens to be a best friend preparing a talk we’ll be giving at the Everything Food Conference this May in Layton, Utah. If you have something you think I absolutely shouldn’t miss while in Utah in May, please tell me!

The respiratory crud that is circling so insidiously right now seems to have settled down temporarily at my house. My husband and four of our sons are down for the count. Just the eldest son and I remain plague-free. At least for the moment. I’m pushing these chewable Vitamin C like Linus Pauling, using On Guard/Shield like Holy water, carrying sanitizing wipes like Monk, and doing a great deal of hoping and praying that I don’t get sick. I am fond of the “from-all-fronts” approach to avoiding bugs. We’ll see if it works. Is your household staying well or have you all succumbed, too?

What I’m Watching:
Today I’m going to see “The Greatest Showman” and I am THRILLED. First of all, I just plain love Hugh Jackman, so I’m predisposed to love it, but I’m also a maniac for musicals so I’m doubly excited. The fact that I get to see it with my best friend? That’s icing on the cake, folks. Have you seen it? If you did, what did you think?

I’m also still into Better Call Saul. I’m midway through Season 2 and it gets more and more intriguing. The character development in this show is excellent and the acting is among the best I’ve seen on a television show. Have you tried it yet?

Ready for some seriously inspiring kid watching? Check out these instrument playing/dancing brothers from Ireland. How their dad can manage to hold an instrument without having his chest swell to the point where he can no longer hold it is beyond me.

Speaking of kids, mine have 'discovered' the "ubbi dubbi" language and are having a riot with it. Any of you 70's kids out there remember this?

This Cheater Sesame Chicken: This low-effort, high-payoff dish hits all the notes you want and love from takeout Chinese sesame chicken but is better for you and ridiculously easy to make. Bonus: there’s no deep frying involved.

Have I told you yet about my love for Chopin? My eldest son introduced me to Brigitte Engerer’s recording of Chopin’s Complete Nocturnes and it is beyond lovely. I listen to it nearly every time I travel by plane and during most road trips, too. It is the recording by which I judge all other recordings of the Nocturnes.

What’s your ultimate dream vacation destination? Give me details!

"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

-- Mark Twain

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