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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #8

Happy Friday, friends! We’ve had a couple of unseasonably warm days that followed hot (heh) on the heels of an unseasonably cold snap. I can’t lie, this little warm up was just about what I needed after so many days in the single digits or below zero. I can feel my fingers again!

That said, I know it’s going we’re due to dive head-first back into winter tonight with something the weatherman is euphemistically calling “a snow event”. I guess my plan for the weekend now includes buying a few pounds of potatoes and a pound of butter and eat myself into warmth.

I saw this amazing looking slow-cooker beef and barley soup on a friend’s site this week and decided to grab all of the ingredients for it. I’m awfully glad I did, because it is absolutely delicious and came together super quickly. My house smelled like a dream while it cooked, too!


  • I am absolutely cuckoo for mushrooms and this excellent Garlic Butter Sauteed Mushrooms recipe is one of my favourite ways to serve them. Bonus: they’re almost criminally easy to make.
  • These two ingredient jalapeno cheddar crisps are as easy as 1..2.. NO THREE! Seriously simple and super satisfying, they’re impressive to eat and look at. Oh, and whether or not you care, they’re low carb!


This Crepe Maker: I’ve been a stalwart crepe-pan owner for years, but recently made the switch to an electric crepe maker and won’t look back. This thing is fabulous.

Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting: I know, a book on art history by a Carmelite nun who is also a consecrated virgin and British Hermit doesn’t sound particularly compelling, but I promise it is. Her take on art is unbelievably insightful and she makes me think about things I’ve never thought of while viewing classics.

Sister Wendy: The Complete Collection: This is not a typo. Are you sensing a theme? Sister Wendy had an AMAZING BBC series and that’s how I was introduced to her work long ago by my stepmom. I acquired a set of the DVDs and I am over the moon to be able to sit and watch her at my leisure. Listening to her break down the human emotion in classic art is mesmerizing. Just read this quote: “Eccentric and secret genius that he was, Bosch not only moved the heart, but scandalized it into full awareness. The sinister and monstrous things that he brought forth are the hidden creatures of our inward self-love: he externalizes the ugliness within, and so his misshapen demons have an effect beyond curiosity. We feel a hateful kinship with them. The Ship of Fools is not about other people. It is about us.”
How could you NOT love her?

What is one thing you love that you never expected to enjoy?

P.S. Black ice is one of the few weather phenomena that scares the business out of me. This guy biffs it on black ice hilariously and narrowly avoids disaster. I don’t know whether to laugh or bite my nails!

“ “We were created to be fully human - a lifetime effort - and using our minds intelligently and reverently is essential to full humanhood.”
— Sister Wendy Beckett

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