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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #7

Welcome to the New Year, friends! I know, we’re technically 5 days in, but this is my “re-entry” into the world from an extended vacation. Did you all eat as much as I did? I’m feeling like the old jeans are more than just a little snug these days. Thank goodness the endless snacking kind of falls away after the holidays! This funny little illustration pretty well sums up how I feel.

Full of cheese just about covers it!

We had the most spectacular New Year’s Eve. It is our third born son’s birthday (our precious little tax deduction) and we always spend the day celebrating him. We had a large group of family over to help us this year, and this particular birthday might go down in his Buffalo Bills Super Fan memory as the best ever. Whether you follow football or not, you may know about the completely unexpected playoff berth that Buffalo clinched quite dramatically on Sunday.
The roof about exploded off of the top of our house with all the cheering and we all woke up hoarse the next day. Even I lost my voice, and you know that means it was exciting because I normally pay next to no attention to football except to yank the iPod out of my son’s hands when he’s checking the scores instead of doing his math. He’s hoping for another exciting win this Sunday. Are any of you out there Buffalo fans?

Today, we’re looking at a high temperature that will still stay a handful of degrees below zero Fahrenheit, and that means that even in my home, my hands will be freezing. I’ll be wrapping my hands around a warm mug as much of the day as I possibly can, so I’m looking for cozy, non-alcoholic beverage ideas to keep it filled. Does anyone out there have delicious recipes to share with me?




This hot water bottle with knit cover. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, it is COLD here, and when it is cold outside, my fingers and toes are cold no matter WHERE I am, even cuddled up under my comforter in bed. I solve this problem by filling my hot water bottle with nearly boiling water, putting the plug in place, popping it into the cover, and sliding it between my sheets about an hour or so before I go to bed. When I hurry into my pajamas and speed under the bedclothes, it is already toasty warm and my fingers and toes thaw well enough for me to fall comfortably asleep.

This laundry drying rack. Most of the enormous amount of laundry done in our home is dried on this rack. It holds an entire large-capacity washer’s worth of laundry and folds flat for storage. We actually have two so that we can have two loads of laundry drying simultaneously.

These wool dryer balls. Why do I love these when I just said we dry most of our clothes on a drying rack? Some things simply need to be dried in the dryer. And when I do that, I want the load to dry as quickly as possible. These wool dryer balls are indispensable for those loads! They help my laundry dry in a fraction of the time and don’t require me to keep dryer sheets on hand. Plus, if I want to ‘freshen’ up the load a bit, I can put a drop or two of my favourite essential oil on a dryer ball before tossing it in with the clothing.


The Beekeeper’s Bible: Bees, Honey, Recipes & Other Home Uses. My husband and I took up beekeeping in the spring of 2017. We had an excellent first harvest and left a super abundance of honey for our bees over the winter. We’re reading up on what we can do to improve next year. This is a great resource for beekeepers and an interesting read for those who are fascinated by beekeeping and honey.


Do you do New Year’s resolutions? Or are they not your thing?


P.S. This peppy little penguin made my week! I hope you love him, too.

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