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Extra+Ordinary Newsletter #6

I'm so sorry if you're getting this twice! We had some wacky weird formatting when I tried sending it earlier that made it almost impossible to read. I promise it wasn't on purpose! Let's try this again!

Happy Friday, my friends! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet or are you not feeling it at all? I’m VERY excited to have a little Christmas break coming our way.

We had some MAJOR snow this week. If you’re not in the Buffalo, New York area, you may not have seen the 18-inches of snow that fell in a 24 hour period. Folks that stayed for the entire Buffalo Bills games were literally covered in inches of snow. They built snowmen in the stands! My boys will be at the game this Sunday; they’re hoping for a repeat of the insane snow. My husband and I? Well, not so much. But we WILL be packing a snow shovel in the van just in case. Check out this video of the insane weather!

I’m getting ready to put together some homemade food gifts to hand out to my kids’ ballet and art teachers, and some friends who help us out all year long. I’m definitely going to make this Coquito for many of them.
Do I have any other Star Trek: The Next Generation Fans out there? This Star Trek “Christmas carol” cracks me up.



I took a week to deal with some doctors’ appointments for my guys, Christmas shopping, and cooking to fill my freezer and my guys’ stomachs. I didn’t publish anything new this week, so I’d like to direct your attention to these classic highlights:
  • Have you tried Bacon Jam? This umami packed sweet, savoury, salty, smoky spread is equally wonderful on toast with a fried egg, on a burger, or spread on sandwiches. It also makes an amazing hostess gift.
  • Every now and again, you need a ridiculously inexpensive meal that comes together in mere moments. That Chickpea Tikka Masala is a vegetarian meal is just incidental. You’ll be filled up and never miss meat with this marvelous main dish. That’ll save you money to make more bacon jam.
  • I love this Eggnog Ice Cream {5 minute method} with all of my heart. It’s so easy and so impressive. Can I please mention again how easy it is?


Remember the snow I mentioned? It wasn’t just on the ground, obviously. It was on my minivan, too. And at least in our neck of the woods, there was a coating of ice underneath the snow. If you know snow at all, you know that’s not fun to remove from your windshield. I got to try my new favourite snow removal device. I admit I doubted a $8.99 weird-shaped thingy could remove it better than my $30 extension-handled brush, but whoa. It did. In mere seconds it removed ⅛-inch of ice from my windshield and I didn’t have to break a sweat. I went inside while the van heated up and bought one for every member of my family for Christmas. If you know them, please don’t tell them. They’re going to think I’m nuts until they use it.

Need a last minute gift under $15 to give to kids of any age? This book was a gift from my librarian sister to my kids about 10 years ago. That would mean that my then 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2 year old were set loose with a book designed to fire up their imagination and make me nervous. Trust me. This book has been one of their best loved over the years. They still break it out and use it on a regular basis. Oh, and I ordered it for my nephew (her son) this year. From the book’s description: “Here's an idea: Hide a tennis ball in your armpit during a checkup, and just as the doctor is about to take your pulse, squeeze it hard. The pulse in your wrist will stop!” May God forgive us all.

With a super active household, we get a lot of bumps, scrapes, and sore muscles. We keep tubes of this stuff stashed everywhere to allieviate the natural effects of being, um, guys or the mom of guys.


Ohmygosh, guys. This book is sweet, brilliant, and hilarious. I’ve read it I don’t even know how many times and I still find myself laughing myself to tears.I read it every year around Christmas. I won't give you any spoilers, but I will tell you its made of shorter essays and pieces and one of them in particular is perfectly perfect for parents at Christmas.
Fun fact: the author was William F. Buckley’s sister.

What is the best brand of scissors? Both left and right handed recommendations are needed. We have 4 right handers, 3 left handers, and 1 ambidextrous person in our home, so we need both! Please help me out here. I’ve bought so many cheap pairs of scissors over the years and they just can’t stand up to 7 people using them. All I have that has stood the test of time is two pairs of right handed child’s scissors and one pair of fabric ones that I keep locked in my fabric container so people don’t use it for household tasks. Please click reply and help me out so I’m not spending Christmas Eve with a pair of children’s scissors!


P.S. It’s the most pun-derful time of the year, friends. I want to leave you with a laugh, so check out this video. I wish they were my neighbors.

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