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Happy Friday! Are you all ready for the weekend? Why is it that a week following a long weekend always feels so much slower?

For us, that’s been a good thing following on the heels of Nutcracker production week. What was your week like? This video popped up in my facebook memories this week and it cracked me up all over again. I’m betting you can’t keep yourself from laughing when you see it.

This video of cats vs. Christmas trees. I laugh and cringe. It makes me wonder if this tree guard would work? I have a giant 15 pound cat that I’m pretty sure will wreak havoc this year.

EASY MEAL PLAN: This week we move our Easy Meal Plan exclusively to our newsletter! Every week I’ll share 7 entrees, 2 side dishes, and 2 desserts with you!

Mexican Chicken Soup {Caldo de pollo}

Slow Cooker Breakfast Baked Beans

Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Pulled Pork

Chicken Parmesan Meatloaf

Easy Spicy Broccoli Beef

Classic Sausage Gravy and Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits

Crispy Skinned Salmon with Pinenut and Parsley Crust

Farro Salad with Kale

Roasted Ginger Sesame Green Beans

Chai Creme Brulee

Easy Double Chocolate Nutella Cookies


Did you see our Peposo: Traditional Tuscan Pepper Beef Stew? Fall-apart tender cubes of beef braised in a gently garlicky, bold red wine and black pepper sauce make the traditional Tuscan Peposo - Peppered Beef Stew.

I don’t know about you, but I love the taste of traditional caramel apples but I can’t stand how they stick in my teeth or what a pain they are to make. 2 Minute Pull Apart Caramel Apples solve both of those issues without sacrificing flavour. Plus, WHIPPED CREAM!

I want to share my recipe for Sesame Semolina Bread with you. I’ve been making this bread for years and it remains a staple in our kitchen. My boys love to tear the braids apart with their hands. Nothing, but NOTHING beats this bread fresh from the oven. Bonus: It’s tremendously easy to make.


If you want the best Peposo, you are definitely going to want to grind your pepper fresh for the dish and that’s going to mean a lot of pepper grinding. This Pepper Grinder is my all time favourite pepper grinder and it’s sturdy as can be as well as being adjustable. I’ve had it for almost 8 years and I put it through a beating daily and it still keeps absolutely spewing out pepper. I honestly cannot recommend this grinder highly enough and I’ve talked many of my friends into buying it and THEY love it now.

I’m a big fan of old school, classic comedy. This DVD collection of Laurel and Hardy is one of my best Christmas purchases ever. I never have to worry about it being inappropriate but it’s still riotously hilarious and my kids all love it, too.

I am gaga over this Cranberry Pepper Jam from my friend Mary of Barefeet in the Kitchen. It’s a gorgeous colour and I’m putting it on EVERYTHING because it tastes so amazing.


The Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Barbara Schieving. Yes, I do have cookbooks on my nightstand from time to time. I really enjoy flipping through them and getting inspiration for the next day. I’m a fiend for my Instant Pot and this book has excellent recipes for using the convenience tool to end all convenience tools.

Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief by Lawrence Wright. I had no idea how incredibly fascinating I would find this non-fiction piece. It is crazy to me how vindictive Scientology is toward critics, but even more intriguing is the underlying question in this book: what constitutes a religion and does Scientology deserve this Constitutionally protected distinction?


Do you prefer a real Christmas Tree or a fake one? Hit reply and let me know what you love and why, and I’ll let you know what I love!


P.S. This video really made me think. Would I have ever taken the time to do what he did? What an amazing difference he made just by responding.

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